Whatsapp Policy & SOP

WhatsApp Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

To be followed across AAP- MMR Regions & Maharashtra State’s official groups
– The primary objective of creating these guidelines is aimed to streamline & strengthen communications across active volunteers

– Whatsapp group will be used for discussions on topics related to growth of the party, group development activities, tabling of meeting minutes & emergency situations

Posts should be done only between 7 am to 11 pm (unless it is an urgent message about our volunteer being in trouble or arrested or some calamity / disaster or some such exigency)

 There should be no criticism of any volunteer & Grievances. Complaints if any, should strictly be addressed to GRC only

– Only 3 photos per activity – planned by DC, MMR & should include the general public

– Person 2 Person is an alternative mode of communication & should be used judiciously

– Admin must verify the members of the Group on a bi-weekly basis to verify the authenticity & ensure not to include any unknown names / numbers who may cause dissent, steal or leak information.

Whatsapp Group should not be used for

  • False posts or unverified forwards
  • Non-political, Good morning wishes, Religious / sensitive posts etc.
  • Personal & festival greetings like birthdays, anniv, etc
  • Personal attacks on fellow volunteers or Party functionaries
  • Health, educative & funny videos
  • Business, self, sarcastic remarks or any other political Party promotions
  • Offensive & pornographic material / posts
  • Posting photos related to any activity not planned by DC
  • Personal debates

In event of any non-compliance of the above by any volunteer, the admin will issue warning for the first instance, will remove the said member for 3 days with for the second instance, 7 days for the third instance & permanently thereafter. Social Media Team member would exercise 1 warning & on repetition would lead to termination from the group with immediate effect. Reinstating of the said member will be at the sole discretion of the Social Media Team only

Developed by – Rajesh Punjabi (Joint State Secretary, IT/Process/Systems)
Review & Approval – G R Vora & Sudhir Sawant


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