We will save Aarey forests

Hundreds of activists gathered in Aarey to save trees from being axed. A big thank you to Kumudji for signing the letter and accepting the 149 notice and for being there throughout.

The man of the match today was Yash Marwah, who is peerless in terms of his achievements, network and commitment to the cause.It is courtesy him that the message got viral and other activists and non aap volunteers showed up. Also, thanks to Aditya Paul,without whose initiative we would have never occupied that space.

Anand Alhat for the police management, Ashish Mehta and Farooqui for the decorator and the truck, which were arranged in extraordinary circumstances. Prabha Pandey for bailing us out as always,the inedfatigable Radhika for making us dance and being a fine Compere.

Rajesh Punjabi for being a powerhouse- writing most tweets for the trend and arranging what easily be the best packed lunch I’ve ever had at a protest.  Irshad and Ashish Thakur for amplifying our reach via social media and internal communication.Kanishk,Shyam and Ronak for media coordination

Last but not the least, Subhashji who personally called me at 8 am in the morning and made a call to the DCP and kept track throughout out the event. And finally, Brigadier for trusting in us, granting us requisite budgets and guiding us like a father figure through out.

We are a great team, all we need to is persist and look at the bigger picture.We will surely succeed.

Only you can save 2702 trees in Aarey with just a click!, was the call by Mumbai-AAP. Special arrangement was done to raise objection to cut the trees in Aarey forest

Save Aarey!

The Aarey issue is not dead!, The Govt still has not got permission to build the Metro Yard. there are 7 other alternative sites exist for the Yard, We want Metro & also our green lung

13,000 emails to Tree Authority to object to cutting of trees in Mumbai. Hundreds of volunteers gathered to raise their objection. AAP played very instrumental role in protest in order to save lungs of Mumbai.

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