We are ashamed of Ram Kadam, aren’t we ?

BJP MLA Ram Kadam is seen in a video where he brazenly says he will kidnap girls.

He tells the boys in the audience that if a girl rejects their advances, but if their parents agree with their choice, then he, MLA Ram Kadam, will abduct the girl for them!

This statement is wrong on so many levels. He is openly threatening to commit a crime. Despite being an MLA he is seen as endorsing abduction of women who do not give consent. He therefore believes it’s okay to stalk, abduct, marry, rape women without their consent. He is a member of the ruling party and represents the party – so the ruling party of India has thrown the laws of the country in the bin by openly declaring that they will kidnap women.

I would like to know if the women leaders of the BJP agree with Ram Kadam and feel that they can be abducted and forced into relationships? I would like to know if the male leaders of BJP think it’s okay if their daughters are abducted by their MLA Ram Kadam?

This is the truth face of the BJP – a party that does not recognize the laws of the country, that openly commits crimes and that treats women as objects to be picked up to please the desires of men.

I am really ashamed that these people are ruling my country. What about you?

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