Striking of 377 : AAP welcomes decision

AAP Maharashtra welcomes SC verdict decriminalizing sex between consensual adults irrespective of gender, hails milestone for equal rights in our republic

The Aam Aadmi Party today welcomed the Supreme Court’s verdict striking down section 377, a vestige of the colonial era as unconstitutional.

AAP has always recognized LGBTQI rights as equal rights and thus human rights, which is a constitutional guarantee.The SC has affirmed that love and free will, are and shall forever be supreme.It may be recalled that repealing Section 377 of the IPC, was part of AAP’s Lok Sabha Manifesto in Maharashtra in 2014.

It is heartening to see that SC has restored dignity and humanity, to our fellow citizens who were being discriminated basis their sexual orientation, which the court in it’s wisdom upheld as natural.

India will now welcome all of her children as equals, which in itself is wonderful as years of oppression and discrimination give way to equality.

Moreover the court also unanimously stated, that it is constitutional morality and not societal morality that must guide Govt policy and that the Govt had no business interfering in the bedrooms of consenting adults, irrespective of their gender and orientation as they’re entitled to their dignity and privacy

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