Mumbai Dialogue

Yeh Public hai .. Sub Jaanati Hai

‘Mumbai Dialogue’ is an initiative under which the party would encourage people’s collaboration in policy making and preparing the blueprint for making Mumbai a world class city. This initiative would challenge the conventional practice of releasing manifestos days before polling dates. Instead of telling people what the party can do for them, the AAP volunteers will hold discussions with all kinds of people to understand their needs and aspirations. And the points raised during these discussions will reflect in the party’s manifesto.

“We will hold dialogues with professionals, housewife, students, youth, women, villagers, industrialists, besides residents. We will then prepare a 50-point programme, prepare a blue-print and address these issues. We want the people to tell us how they want their Mumbai to be,” said Brigadier Sudhir Sawant.

An honest government is the one which lets people have a say in governance, something Congress-NCP and Sena-BJP, the two coalitions who have ruled Maharashtra in the past, have failed to bring in any positive change in state.

The similar initiative “Delhi Dialogue” was launched in 2014 by Arvind Kejriwal, 9 months before Delhi state assembly elections. “An accountable and responsive government seeks participation from the people tapping into their immense potential. Delhi is a city where we have a vast pool of those who have expertise in various fields as well as domain knowledge. We want to utilise their skills in government planning to bring the government and the governed there,” Arvind Kejriwal had said.

As a part of the initiative the party will hold a rallies of the youth and address their issues. A similar rally will be held on November 26, party’s foundation day, where issues related to farmers would be addressed. Housing, Employment, Water, power, health and education are some of the key sector party plans to work on.

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