CYSS Meets Mumbai University Vice Chancellor

*CYSS Maharashtra Update*

Delegation of CYSS Maharashtra along with ex member of Parliament, *Brigadier Sudhir Sawant met Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, Dr Suhas Pednekar opposing the 60/40 pattern of evaluation*, which indirectly has transferred powers to the colleges.

The power to determine fees, evaluation of crucial degree years have already been transferred to colleges by the varsity.

Now this pattern of 60/40 for evaluation with prove to be an absolute disaster as it will privatise the entire course. The University with this move loses whatever remaining control they had over the law colleges under them.

A system badly implemented. This overall being privatisation of legal education and an increase in maladministration and corruption. Degrees would finally be sold by the respective colleges and authentication of the convocation being given by the University.
Just to mention most of the law colleges in Mumbai do not even have the right infrastructure to begin with.

*CYSS Maharastra*

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