AAP holds Modi Govt accountable for Petrol-hike

AAP Mumbai protests against fuel price increase, holds the BJP’s Modi Govt accountable for it’s inability to shield the poor from high inflation

With the Rupee in free fall at it’s historic nadir at ₹ 72.12 and an economy already feeling under the twin shocks of the aftermath of demonetization and a poorly implemented GST, the fuel prices have further added to the woes of the aam aadmi who is finding it difficult to make her ends meet.

Fuel prices in Mumbai are the highest in the country at ₹ 86 and no respite is visible on the horizon. While we speak of market related pricing, we never reaped the benefits despite lower global pricing of crude oil, in the last 4 years.

The Modi Govt had ridden to power on the back of promises in the BJP’s election manifesto, which prominently included the promise of lower inflation and lower fuel prices.Moreover, the State Government surcharges on fuel in Maharashtra had compounded the problem.

AAP’s Mumbai volunteers staged a protests which saw the participation of scores of people, against consistent fuel price rises.The protest was organised in the Chembur area of South Central Mumbai.

AAP stands committed to the rationalization of oil prices and shielding the poor and marginalised from inflation.It is amply apparent, that the BJP Govt in the centre has the priorities of crony capitalists over the Aam Admi.

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